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Cleaning in the kitchen: rules of good taste

One thought that it is necessary to wash up a mountain of dishes in a sink with the remains of food dried on it, can spoil the mood for a long time. And after the dishes have to wash everything around, because splashes with such a blockage are inevitable. But everything can be completely different, […]

Mole in the kitchen – how to get rid of parasites

The food moth is quite common and the owners of the apartments have to make a lot of efforts to get rid of it. But most of these attempts only temporarily help, the mole appears soon again. To eliminate parasites forever, we suggest that you study this article, where you will find a lot of […]

Save! Help! Mold in the fridge

Do you like mushrooms? I like big white whites and honey agarics, but today's conversation will not be about them, but ominous and outwardly completely unattractive, much less inedible mushrooms that we call mildew. Disgusting and disgusting spots, spreading fetid aroma, it floods our bathrooms, kitchens, cellars with tasty preservation. And everything multiplies, and multiplies […]

The kitchen sink is clogged: 7 ways to clean

There is one unspoken rule: if you do not use a special protective net, the sink in your kitchen will someday be sure to score. But even if this happened, do not despair - in the cleaning of the kitchen sink there is nothing difficult, it can be done by one's own hands, any mistress. […]

In the kitchen there were bugs: we do not take prisoners!

The enemy must be known in the "face" if it is possible to consider. What a beast In the photo, the smallest parasite, enlarged many times. Stegobium paniceum (bread grinder) Quite common occupant of Russian cuisines, dachas, and indeed any premises where there is something to profit. Bugs in the kitchen? Here is a brief […]

Moss in the kitchen: the causes and methods of disposal

Drosophila - small midge, which can start in the kitchen and significantly spoil the life of any housewife. What causes their appearance and how to get rid of insects in a short time? Answers to these questions are found in the article. Have you got any gnats in the kitchen? It's time to learn how […]