Apartment studio – 70 photos of ideas how to combine two interiors

Its housing is an acute issue in the life of any person. Everyone is solving their own problem, because everyone needs a roof over his head. Someone is happy to have their own one-bedroom apartment in Khrushchev, and even those who live in a room of 3 * 3 m in the hostel are happy.


Its area is the holy of all saints, and regardless of what kind of housing, it's its own. There is another side of the coin, that is - arrange the owner of the available squares or not. Very urgent is the question for those who have a room in the hostel, odnushka.

If you have such a small apartment, a room, and your dream is to make housing comfortable, then read our material below. What should be modern design odnushki?


With what to begin?

Before you start planning the design of "odnushki" studio, you need to pay attention to this feature: the apartment must be stylish, cozy, and in addition, functional.

Studio apartment

The studio is designed in such a way that it has all the elements necessary for life, but not to the detriment of the existing space.

Studio apartment

It is worth considering a couple of photos of the studio apartment to choose one of the best options that your apartment will turn into a stylish and comfortable apartment.

Studio apartment

Each project of repair or design begins with the drawing up of a detailed plan, which is why to start it is worth choosing a classic option - to create a plan for the beginning.


Taking into account all requests, we are creating a plan. The bet is worth doing to expand the space, both visual and physical. Do not do without redevelopment. It is important to remember that not all partitions can be demolished by law.

Studio apartment

After the project is created, it is approved in the special services.


Elimination of partitions between rooms is the simplest way to increase space.


Basically, remove the walls between the kitchen and between the living room - not the best option for the reason that the smells from the kitchen will be in the living room, even if there is a powerful hood. But since the desire to expand the space is predominant, then this layout is common.



It is difficult to create a dream apartment without zoning the area, because with the exception of a bathroom that is separated from the general area, as well as the kitchen, the studio apartment interior consists of other areas, without which a person can not do without.


Planning a "odnushku", take it as a "odnushku", despite the presence of a corridor, pantry, kitchen, bathroom.


In "odnushke", just like in any other apartment, you can equip the necessary zones for life, just the size of the zones will be somewhat smaller.


Kitchen and bathroom. Because as mentioned above about the kitchen, bathroom, then note - these rooms are separate, are behind different walls.


Kitchen - the total area of ​​the room, and this zone can often be allocated a bar. Moreover, more and more often the design of the studio apartment means the presence of a false ceiling for the zoning of the room.


One-room studio apartment is often "decorated" not only by the ceiling, but by several. Ceilings are often allocated separately kitchen, separate sports corner or workplace.


Kitchens are often placed in a corner, because this is the most profitable option. It is used not a standard plate, but a panel, and a washbasin is placed in a corner.


To ensure that the kitchen has been equipped with the necessary household appliances, it is worthwhile to think over what is needed and that it will not take much space. When choosing a technique, remember the rule - compactness.


A small studio apartment, as it were, suggests using light-colored furniture in the kitchen to increase visually both the kitchen and the whole room.


Living room

The guest zone is mostly centered in the room. This zone plays the role of an epicenter, and the rest of the zones are placed around it.


Guest room suggests the presence of a sofa in it, a small table and a couple of chairs.



The sofa, where guests are accepted, often becomes a place of rest, sleep. If so, then it's worth taking care of the functionality of the sofa. As an example, you can buy a sofa-transformer, but with a linen drawer.


Work zone

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that there is no special zone for it. Most often used functional cabinet furniture, and a table for a PC can be in the closet.


For work can be used bar.


The interior of the studio apartment can be both aesthetic and functional, comfortable. The main thing when planning a room is to think things over.


Photo of interior design studio apartment




















Studio apartment

Studio apartment

Studio apartment

Studio apartment

Studio apartment

Studio apartment

Studio apartment

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