Noble pistachio cuisine (57 photos) – possible variations of color combinations

Pistachio in the kitchen

Pistachio in the kitchen

The choice of colors for the kitchen is strictly individual. Everyone is trying to create around him a comfortable atmosphere that can fit perfectly into the existing lifestyle. Therefore, some choose the red color of passion, others, on the contrary, create around themselves a sterile white space, the third likes pistachio cuisine, which lifts the mood on cloudy winter days. Any color will reveal its best qualities, if you know certain rules that help to regulate and apply the laws of harmony.

Formation of an emotional atmosphere

There is a room in the house that unites all family members and stimulates them to communicate. It's a kitchen. Experienced designers know how to create the right emotional atmosphere, allowing you to take into account the nuances of the way of life of everyone who lives in an apartment.

Pistachio kitchen furniture

Pistachio kitchen furniture

The room is always smaller than the rest of the rooms, but it has much more functions. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right palette. If the room does not go to the sunny side, there will always be little light in it. Compensate for this deficiency will help exactly color.

And it's not necessary to choose yellow shades for this, there are such halftones in the palette that are obtained after the merging of several stripes of the rainbow.

For example, the kitchen of pistachio color is an excellent compromise for those who dream of joining the sun and nature.

  • First, it helps to get away from trivial solutions, and form a diverse interior.
  • Secondly, unlike other shades, its meaning is unequivocal: a pistachio is a rich nut, the grain of which has a noble shade of green, so the color described is used to create an elegant, respectable space. It has a soft texture, belongs to the category of spring colors, juicy, non-conflict, gradually gaining strength. Look at the photo, it's spring greens, but its texture is more dense and a little dusty, the color balances on the point, not bending down, neither to a thick or watery consistency.
Pistachio shade in the interior of the kitchen

Pistachio shade in the interior of the kitchen

Currently, pistachio cuisines are very popular. They are newfangled favorites, this explains the interest in this topic. Choose a color for the design of a small space - a good move, if there is a desire to understand the features of its application.

Ideal compatibility

All shades of pistachio inks are not whimsical. Interesting combinations quite a lot. There are sharp contrasts, and concepts that demonstrate the advantages of soft combinations. We give examples of the most common of them.

Pistachio + green

An excellent option for light and spacious kitchens, it is suitable for those who are fed up with a little dark noble pistachio color of the kitchen walls. Get a light green kitchen set and you just get an explosion of emotions. Such a room will wake up instantly, oust the accumulated negative from the soul. The solution is nice to the eye, it does not tire, if all the same diluted with a neutral white color.

Pistachio + wood

Pistachio shade in the design of the kitchen space

Pistachio shade in the design of the kitchen space

Especially good design projects, in which the color we chose is combined with a warm tree. This option is actively used in the design of southern island interiors associated with our summer vacation. Why not give yourself the happiness to organize a cozy corner in your apartment? Noble pistachio color in the interior of the kitchen will help to form an atmosphere of remoteness from the big city and a feeling of deep harmony with nature.

That's the main advice! Paint the walls in the described color, get a simple wooden furniture, the price of which will allow you to choose a functional set, add bright terracotta, peach or dark orange accessories - a corner of this paradise will appear in the apartment.

Pistachio + gray

Anyone who does not like bright solutions can easily suppress the expression of a natural shade. How to do it? Paint the walls gray and pick up a furniture set with a diffuse dust color. The image of the room will change dramatically, but it will not lose its charm. Deep aloof green acts very soothing, looks very noble, so this is the perfect combination for lovers of special home comfort. A short video, posted on our site, is an additional confirmation of this.

Pistachio + white

White kitchen with pistachio filling

White kitchen with pistachio filling

White and green cuisine is an ageless classic. But also it does not look beaten and boring. The soft pistachio color of the kitchen against the background of snow-white walls looks so noble and elegant, especially when blotches of warm brown, close to the chocolate shade, are added.

It can be the frames of photos that you can make with your own hands, the table top of the dining table, the upholstery of a soft sofa or pouf - experiment, a positive result is always guaranteed, since this is a win-win option.

Pistachio + beige

Scientists have found that the kitchens of pistachio color do not stimulate the appetite, but do not suppress it. No other shade can boast such a valuable quality. In the morning, it acts like a decent dose of caffeine, helping to shake off the rest of the sleep, and in the evening gently soothes, especially when the preference is given to a combination with beige hues. Such a symbiosis will successfully fit into any stylistic concept: in classics, in high-tech, and in modern modernity.

Note! Beige walls with pistachio furniture and green walls with a beige garnish look equally good. And this, perhaps, is the only pair that can boast full interchangeability.

Pistachio + black

Black kitchen with pistachio filling

Black kitchen with pistachio filling

The most daring and aggressive version looks pretty brutal in any kitchen: both large and small. On the black-and-green kitchen you can play with shades, paint the walls in juicy colors, pick up furniture of more blurred colors and add a burning-black apron, a table top and a floor tile with a barely noticeable texture. Such a kitchen in pistachio color will be remembered for a long time.

Color and dimensions

Correctly selected paints not only help to form an emotional background, they visually correct the shortcomings of the room.

  1. Over-saturated shades create tightness.
  2. Soft light expand the space.
  3. If the kitchen is on the north side, the colors of warm halftones are selected if the room windows are facing south - shades that are closer to the marsh paints.
  4. If the kitchen occupies an insignificant place in the house, it is easy to arrange it in a single color scale.

But it is always permissible here to experiment and paint walls in brighter colors than in other living rooms.

Generalization on the topic

The above instruction allows to form a general idea of ​​the application of pistachio color in the design of the kitchen space. Often, all shades are used in choosing a furniture set. Exquisitely look different combinations. This article is an additional confirmation of this.


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