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Gas boiler in the kitchen: 4 criteria for choice

The gas boiler is rightly considered one of the most optimal options for heating the kitchen and the house as a whole. Today we will tell you what to look for in the selection process of the unit and consider the features of the most popular models. Who said that a kitchen with a gas […]

Telescopic kitchen hoods: features and benefits

The kitchen always smells of something delicious, but, you see, such smells are inappropriate in other rooms. Do not know how to get rid of the scents of food in the living room and bedroom? Installation of a kitchen hood will help to solve this problem. In this article, we will tell you about a […]

Electric hoods for kitchen: application features

Why use electric cooker hoods? They remove unpleasant smells, steam and smoke produced during cooking. This makes the atmosphere in the kitchen more pleasant and comfortable. Extraction - an indispensable assistant to the modern hostess. As well as cleaning the air in the room, it prevents the deposition of fatty particles on furniture and the […]

Built-in TV for the kitchen (41 pics) – business worldly

A TV in the kitchen will not surprise anyone, but rather the lack of it in the kitchen can surprise someone. This household appliance, which never belonged to the kitchen, nevertheless fits into the interior of the kitchen. And we are not talking about ordinary TVs, which were safely installed on refrigerators, countertops, or at […]