Kitchen module (51 pics) – appointment is understandable, but you do not even guess about the brilliant design solutions

so they are thought out, functionally and beautifully look

The kitchen from the modules - something already from the fantasy field and the game "into the kitchen", such modules are sometimes difficult to distinguish even from children's toys so they are thoughtfully, functionally and beautifully look

Three in one is not only the prerogative of Garnier and Schwarzkopf

What we expect from equipping our kitchen is its utmost functionality, so that you can execute any idea, compactness, so that there is as much space as possible, and design, so that you want to stay on it even while you are cooking the potatoes. All these three desires with amazing grace and ingenuity will solve for us so-called kitchen modules - a special way of collecting and arranging the kitchen from individual elements.

Moreover, after seeing such kitchens, you yourself will become a follower of this style

Kitchens from modules for adherents of the "high-tech" style. Moreover, after seeing such kitchens, you yourself will become a follower of this style

What, in fact, we need to place in the kitchen:

  • The cooking zone -
  1. cooking surface - gas or electric;
  2. oven with grill, with it;
  3. microwave, here;
  4. refrigerator, without it there will not be any kitchen;
  5. washing, by itself;
  6. dishwasher, as a tempting offer of all commercials, which, oh, how you want to believe;
  7. hood;
  • Storage area -
  1. all kinds of closets open and closed type, with opaque and transparent doors;
  2. we will carry to the cabinets and buffets from floor to ceiling, as the most capacious options of everything necessary;
  • The zone, in an exaggerated way, "eating" necessarily a table and chairs, everything is clear here;
  • Zone, for the soul, responsible for the design side of the question 
  1. but in fact such a zone does not exist, or rather it is "scattered", and the smarter, the better, throughout the kitchen - these are all sorts of nice little things from expensive photos to Egyptian vases bought in Al Khalili;
  2. Do not forget to bring here and all kinds of lighting equipment that can extraordinary transform any kitchen and even hide some of its shortcomings.
it's just a matter of preferences and choices

Who said that kitchens by modules are the purest "functional", the design here is far from the last place, it's just for preferences and choice

Care of kitchen modules

That care about all of the above and can take over the module for the kitchen.

If you decide to assemble the kitchen from the modules, then immediately get at your disposal:

  • Perfectly selected and in full volume of the cooking zone. And at your disposal is the perfect combination of all completely different devices. And this is already "hello" from this computer monster - the company Apple. This celebrity already at the earliest stage of its development took for the rule of all to release only its own, branded and no less than "haute couture." Their native processors, their own video cards, their monitors, printers, scanners and even camcorders fitted to them. The manufacturers of kitchen modules try to withstand the same policy - all equipment is perfectly adjusted to each other.
  • Consistent in a single style, coordinated in size and location, the storage area of ​​kitchen accessories.
you can really in a small kitchen

The corner module is the ideal way to treat space in the kitchen with extreme frugality. Feel what modularity is, you can really in a small kitchen

Although, of course, you will be free to add your own elements. It is desirable only that they do not violate the overall design.

Helpful advice! This arrangement "from Apple - Garnier" conceals a certain danger in itself - all the equipment, of course, is made in the same style, but also feeds, as a rule, from one outlet. Therefore, it is very important to provide reliable and powerful electrical wiring, given that often the set includes even a washing machine.

Here it is no longer possible to use fuses for 10 amperes, most likely, you will have to put at least 15 amperes, and, therefore, pay special attention to the wires from the outlet to the electrical panel and the quality of the outlet itself.

Democratism of modules

But the size of the kitchen modules and their composition are quite democratic - they will allow you to make the necessary set of equipment yourself. Moreover, if you want to organize a zone of "intimate conversations" at the table in its own way, then almost any of your personal options will fit the chosen module.

layout and functionality of kitchen modules is sometimes amazing

That perfect combination of design, quality of performance, well thought out layout and functionality of kitchen modules, sometimes just amazing

As for the design component, a huge selection of kitchen modules, perhaps, will help to remove this problem with only one correct choice of the module. But you can always "paint" something and to your taste.

«Kitchen children's module 90581 Сoloma»

And maybe it all started here with such children's toys in the half-room - the love of Italians for children has resulted in such a children's toy "kitchen children's module 90581 Coloma"

The standard sizes of kitchen modules assume some conditions:

  1. in the first lines, it is true, it is worth saying that these conditions are not absolute, each firm-manufacturer sets its own standards;
  2. and, secondly, there are still certain digital parameters:
  • for example, the size of the table top is almost always 60 cm;
  • distance to the wall - not less than 5, to ensure wiring;
  • dimensions in width are different, from 200 to 500 cm, but always with a fixed pitch from one manufacturer, which is usually 50 cm;
  • but the dimensions of depth are determined by life and experience - not less than 50 cm. 

Helpful advice! Before deciding to purchase, carefully study the drawings of kitchen modules and coordinate them with the size of your kitchen. Here, computer modeling of the entire layout will ideally help you, especially since the drawings will also be presented to you in computer production.

Already at the modeling stage you can rationally place all the necessary zones. Do not forget the model accurately determine the location of window openings and doors - the light from the window should not be blocked kitchen cupboard, and at the entrance you do not have to constantly beat about the corner of the refrigerator.

Do not reinvent the wheel

Creativity does not imply the constant invention of "matchboxes" - everything has long been thought out for us. You only have to stand on the shoulders of the "giants", make a clever kitchen of the modules, choose the most suitable one and add your own highlight with your own hands.

To feel their attitude towards kitchen modules you can help even such a "large-scale" children's toy, like a children's kitchen, all entirely consisting of modules (see also the article Children's kitchen from boxes with their own hands - instructions for use). Here there is everything and a refrigerator, a sink, and even magnets for a fridge. Do not forget the LED lighting for hood.

Practice while "on these cats." Then you will open the gates to the world of real, already adult, kitchen modules without big problems.

she, just, just catches the eye

Hiding all the equipment is one of the remarkable features of the modules. But this mystery is not at all related to their external attractiveness, it is, just, just striking

Carefully watch the video in this article, read through such irreplaceable materials, especially for kitchen modules, as an "instruction" for layout and mutual use and maintenance (see also article Modular kitchen furniture - a modern solution). The price of a good choice is your good mood and the convenience of doing all the tasks in the kitchen. And the most important of them is to make friends with each other and with such a duty as "cooking".


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