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Cosmetic repair of kitchen (39 photos) with minimal expenses

The desire to change and change everything around you is inherent in almost every person. But this is more pronounced in women. Probably, that's why the current repair is called cosmetic, which is aimed at "beautifying" the premises. It can affect changes in the entire interior of the room, and may include replacing one single […]

Kitchen remodeling (60 photos) – transfer options

The layout of modern apartments gives us the opportunity to live in them comfortably. And this mainly applies to large areas of all rooms, regardless of their destination, which can not be said for apartments that were built fifty or sixty years ago. But I want to live in them and it's good and comfortable. […]

Kitchen repair 5.5 sq. M (44 фото): tips and tricks

Many people equate the repair with a small catastrophe, and when talking about this action in the kitchen, this concept is not only equated with general chaos, but also accurate calculations that are closely related to specific materials. The matter is that this premise is a place where all life support systems of an apartment […]

Remaking the kitchen in a few days

Remaking the kitchen by yourself - the task is quite feasible. The main thing is to correctly assess the existing situation, think over all the nuances that you would like to change, supplement or exclude from your kitchen. Every day in our kitchens there are more and more new equipment and devices, such as multivarks, […]

Backlight for the kitchen – we find the best solution

Nobody will argue that the kitchen is the most functionally loaded room in the apartment. And that the mistress of the house, which spends the most time here, and all other members of the family, feel comfortable, it is necessary to take care of the lighting. A traditional light source has always been a chandelier […]