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How to make a warm floor in the kitchen

At present, warm floors in residential buildings are, perhaps, the most efficient and cheap source of heating, although not always a legitimate opportunity is provided from the installation. In this article we will talk about the sources from which heating can be made and how to make some of them. In addition, for additional information […]

Can I use a parquet board in the kitchen?

There is a firm belief that parquet can not be laid in the kitchen, since it will deteriorate quickly and lose its appearance due to high humidity, frequent changes in temperature and other aggressive external influences. Is it really? As a flooring for this kitchen, a parquet board And in fact, you should not exaggerate: […]

Kitchen skirting as a true “finishing” of all works

You with a pure heart can tell yourself that all repair work is finished when the installation of the kitchen skirting is completed Good design does not tolerate small things Among all set of elements of an interior there are such which do not rush at once in eyes. These elements are often treated as […]