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Beautiful Cuisine: 15 projects for inspiration

The concept of beauty in design is relative, because all have different taste preferences in the arrangement of interiors. Someone likes the classic style with massive furniture and refined lamps, and someone would like to design an apartment in a modern style with strict lines and metallic luster. If it comes to the kitchen, then, […]

How to choose a color for the kitchen: 20 tips

The color palette is one of the most important aspects of decorating the kitchen. The basis of the whole ensemble is a set, to which it is necessary to choose a harmonious finish, technique and accessories. In addition to coloring and texture of surfaces, the design of the cooking area also depends on the proportions, […]

Tiles for kitchens on the floor: types, how to choose

The kitchen should be equally cozy for the reception of guests, romantic evenings with loved ones and family dinners with relatives. A great role in creating comfort is played by flooring. Tiles for kitchens on the floor - this is an ideal option, which meets such important criteria: resistance to mechanical damage, soundproofness, durability, aesthetic […]