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Granite kitchen sink (44 photos) – advantages, range and installation of the product in 5 steps

The ceramic granite sinks firmly occupied their niche among the most popular kitchen accessories. Today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of such products, their varieties and the method of installation. Granite sinks feature a stylish look and durability Advantages and disadvantages Porcelain, from which kitchen sinks and countertops are made, is […]

Kitchen sinks Franke (36 photos): the best solution

Beautiful, durable, proven washing for the kitchen Franke, please the housewives for more than seventy years. They are distinguished by an advantageous combination of high quality, original design and reasonable price. The pride of the company Franke is the fact that its products in its price range is the best. Franke kitchen sinks are made […]

Grohe faucet for kitchen: features of choice and self-assembly

The assortment of sanitary equipment on the Russian market is extensive and diverse. Grohe kitchen mixers are among the quality and not expensive fixtures. This circumstance has several explanations, connected both with the features of production, and with some specificity of pricing in our trade networks. How to choose a quality and reliable mixer for […]

Built-in kitchen sinks: beauty and comfort

Modern kitchens are filled with household appliances and various equipment, however the sink remains a detail that defines comfort and functionality. Recently, built-in sinks for the kitchen are gradually replacing other types of shells, and there are a number of objective reasons for this. Next, we will try to show these reasons, as well as […]

Granite kitchen sinks (48 photos) – new technologies for the production of familiar things

Developing technologies offer the consumer improved qualities of modern materials that seek to replace natural ones, given their basic negative characteristics. As a result of these experiments, objects that are familiar to us acquire properties that you could only dream of only recently. The strength, durability, color range of products, shape have changed. Everything changes, […]