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Garden paths with their own hands: 50 photo-ideas

Paths for garden sites solve several problems at once: they make pedestrian movement and transportation of mechanized inventory more simple, break space into zones and decorate it. In most cases, they can be paved independently, it is only necessary to select the necessary material. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main ways to […]

Beautiful fence for a private house: 80 photos and ideas

Every owner of a private house wants to have an attractive fence for his own plot. The fence will protect the territory from the views of passers-by, which will make you feel free and relaxed in your yard. Based on the location of housing, the fence is able to solve individual tasks and implement various […]

Vejela (60 photos): types and care

Flowering plants are widely used in the design of household plots, parks, flower beds, among which a special place is occupied by the Weigel. Its bushes, abundantly strewn with bright pink, red, lilac, yellow or white bells, create a cozy and festive atmosphere around. Flowering occurs at the end of May - beginning of June […]

Ornaments for the garden with your own hands: 103 ideas

A dacha is a place not only for rest, enjoying nature or useful physical activity, but also for creativity. Owners of their own patch of land are always striving to maximally ennoble it, bringing a piece of themselves. The main thing in this business is to find an interesting idea, which even the beginner can […]

Hosta: types and care (+55 pics)

Deciduous and deciduous plants perform an important function in landscape design, allowing to create interesting compositions on flowerbeds, planting alpine slides, curbs of garden paths, areas around ponds, trees, buildings. For all this, the host is perfect - a perennial herb shrub with beautiful, noticeable leaves that develops well even in the shade and does […]

Landscaping of the suburban area: 85 photo-ideas

For most people, the dacha has ceased to personify the place with endless beds, on which it is necessary to work tirelessly almost all summer. Now the suburban area is a territory for rest and aesthetic pleasure. To ensure a harmonious union of man with nature will help landscape design. About the wonderful ideas for […]

Chrysanthemums (60 photos)

In the collection of autumn flowers, chrysanthemums are rightfully the most prominent place. Their bright inflorescences adorn the gardens and flower beds to the first frosts, attracting everyone's attention with the perfection of forms and the variety of shades. Some species resemble chamomile, others strike a resemblance to dahlias, asters, anemones. Due to the resistance […]

Pergola (70 pics): beautiful ideas for home and villa

Such a word as "pergola" in everyday life is extremely rare. Therefore, many people do not even guess its meaning. Often the building is identified with a standard gazebo, but this is not entirely true. About what this part of the exterior represents, and also how it can transform the atmosphere of your garden - […]